About Us

Allegro is a team of passionate interior designers with a mission to breathe life and beauty into ordinary walls by creating active, dimensional surfaces. We treat them like giant canvases, bringing architectural shapes and design elements to compliment your living space.  

Through the years, there have been many conventional applications of moldings and panels applied to wall surfaces, creating beautiful wainscoting and other traditional architectural effects. The process with these older treatments, from installation to finishing, can be very cumbersome and expensive.

Our goal was to create a modular system that makes it easy and cost effective for everyone to enjoy the beauty, elegance and glamour of wall moldings and panels.  We designed and created this modular system to simplify the process for home decorators and design professionals alike.

All panels and tiles arrive fully primed and ready for installation and finishing. Simply open the box and begin - it's an instant upgrade and visual activation for any living or commercial space.